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Bicycles part of the building

Posted in observations, studio 2a_2009 by Sarah Gelbard on 21 September 2009

I took this photograph in front of the architecture building. Every day people (me included) tie their bicycles to the railing, thus making them part of the building. This inspires me for a number of reasons: the natural, unnoticed way people who use the building change its appearance and how this may be controlled by architectural design – attracting such activity by using other methods; the temporal quality of the changes – each day different models and colours of bicycles are being “displayed”; and the notion of using a practical device, such as a vehicle, and implementing it into the design of a building (which is something I know is already being done, home garages with clear wall that let owners see their cars from their living rooms for example).

Originally posted by Rotem Yaniv


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