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Sirens of Titan

Posted in quotes, studio 2a_2009, thoughts by Sarah Gelbard on 28 September 2009

For some odd reason, the people deciding on bay placements in our school found it entertaining to put me and Kristen in the same bay. Again. Over the past year, Kristen and I developed a very sophisticated relationship of love/hate, respect/disrespect, and agreement/disagreement. We also compete who spends more time in the studio (I work, Kristen, ok? I can’t be in the studio my ENTIRE shift!). Yesterday, for example, I stayed up late and slept at the hub and today she’s really upset because she left studio before I did.

Every time I look at the stuff at her desk I get annoyed because she’s making me look bad. Here’s another photo of her, all happy to see me.

Seriously now.

One of my favourate authors is Kurt Vonnegot. I draw a lot of inspiration from his novels and short stories as a writer and generally as an artist. The way he writes is – he puts togather incidents and dialogs that seem random at first, but as the story progresses readers understand subtle moral lessons derived from those pieces of information. To understand how he writes, you gotta read an entire novel, but I got an excerpt from my favourate novel by him, Sirens of Titan, to give a little idea.

There was a crowd.

The crowd had gathered because there was to be a materialization. A man and his dog were going to materialize, were going to appear out of thin air—wispily at first, becoming, finally, as substantial as any man and dog alive.

The crowd wasn’t going to get to see the materialization. The materialization was strictly a private affair on private property, and the crowd was empthatically not invited to feast its eyes.

The materialization was going to take place, like a modern, civilized hanging, within high, blank, guarded walls. And the crowd outside the walls was very much like a crowd outside the walls at a hanging.

The crowd knew it wasn’t going to see anything, yet its members found pleasure in being near, in staring at the blank walls and imagining what was happening inside. The mysteries of the materialization, like the mysteries of a hanging, were enhanced by the wall; were made pornographic by the magic lantern slides of morbid imaginations—magic lantern slides projected by the crowd on the blank stone walls.

The town was Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A., Earth, Solar System, Milky Way. The walls were those of the Rumfoord estate.

Ten minutes before the materialization was to take place, agents of the police spread the rumor that the materialization had happened prematurely, had happened outside the walls, and that the man and his dog could be seen plain as day two blocks away. The crowd galloped away to see the miracle at the intersection.

The crowd was crazy about miracles.

At the tail end of the crowd was a woman who weighed three hundred pounds. She had a goiter, a caramel apple, and a gray little six-year-old girl. She had the little girl by the hand and was jerking her this way and that, like a ball on the end of a rubber band. “Wanda June,” she said, “if you don’t start acting right, I’m never going to take you to a materialization again.”

Link to the rest

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