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The Founcil

Posted in interesting projects, studio 2a_2009 by Sarah Gelbard on 28 September 2009

So, I was working late in studio Sunday night, and I … re-appropriated some pencils I found to create The Founcil.

20 Pencils
20 Pencils


Just Add Water
Just Add Water

The Founcil

I thought it was really interesting how the pencils projected the pattern in the fountain’s drain, giving it a three-dimensional quality that was visible from a profile view (instead of only from a “plan” view).

Now that I had a new design for this fountain, I wanted to see how/if the water would react differently. It wasn’t really that interesting … until I took pictures to freeze the water; now able to see how it scattered among the erasers on the pencils (such an odd juxtaposition), the fountain seemed to take on a new liveliness and energy!

I thought it was awesome – how about you?

Originally posted by Matthew Henning


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