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Impressionist architecture

Posted in interesting projects, observations, studio 2a_2009 by Sarah Gelbard on 12 October 2009

As everyone in the school knows, last Friday was the “Feast” event with the 3rd years’ pavilions. Apart from the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed it, something very interesting happened toward the end of the night, well after the crits were over. One of the pavilions, a wooden frame suspended in the air from two trees with stacks of reeds hanged from the frame to create an interior, had an accident in it and a large flame burnt some of the ropes holding the reeds. About 10-20 of those stacks fell randomly on the earth, turning an orgenized space into a mess.

One of the students who was there to witness the flame called it poetic, and he and everyone kept laughing. It was fantastic.

This just goes to show how Architecture cannot always be planned in advance. Maybe this is what Josep acebillo (Cheif Architect of Barcelona) meant in his lecture when he said “The project must be primed before the plan”, that doing is more important than planning. A few hours before ”Feast” started the students incharge of the suspended pavilion hung strings from its roof to guide the drainage coming from the cloth ceiling. The effect was lines of water running diagnolly through the interior. The “renovating” fire changed the space without any human intent and the strings came as a last minute solution to a problem, but both happened quickly and left their mark on the project.

Impressionist architecture

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