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Posted in studio 2a_2009, thoughts by Sarah Gelbard on 19 October 2009

I think my inspiration for this week is disease. I have been quite congested in the past few days, dizzy, and disgusted with my body in general. My mind went into “ill” state and everything is slower, more agressive, and I get tired really really fast.

With that I went through what must have been the most creative part of this assignment. I think it’s safe to say that my drawings look “sick”. Maybe I’m taking too much from that video we saw about Tadao Ando, but I feel like I’m fighting with my drawings. And I love the result, for some reason, it seems like a little victory every time. When I finish (or at least let go of) a drawing, I feel sick and tired and happy and frustrated that I have to start another one and at the same time happy about that as well.

Making art when you’re sick – gotta try it.

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