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Lewis Black

Posted in observations, studio 2a_2009 by Sarah Gelbard on 9 November 2009

Lewis Black, yes, another Jew (they’re all over the place), is a comedian who hosted the show The Root of all Evil and appeared regularly on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In my opinion, Black’s comedy act is more developed and structured than other comedians. His subject matter is usually more politically or socially oriented and I find a lot of subtext behind his words. His act, in a way, is like a polished novel or an well writen academic essay – everything is clear and focused. In the bit that I linked you can hear how he starts with a certain subject (Bush’s statement about queers), focuses into a certain part of it (the old testament), focuses again (earth was created in 7 days), then comes back to the old testament, then back to Bush.

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