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Posted in interesting projects, studio 2a_2009 by Sarah Gelbard on 16 November 2009

wheellyshelter-1 WheeLY Concept for Chic Hobos is Green and Cleanwheellyshelter-2 WheeLY Concept for Chic Hobos is Green and Clean

Zo-Loft Architecture & Design knows what it is like to stay homeless and be exposed to the elements. They have thus created the WheeLY which is a prototype shelter for the homeless or the chic hobo. It is an expandable tent which is made of recycled materials and is very portable, just as a hobo would like it.

These days, it is quite common to see chic people turning in to hobos as it gives a lot of freedom and is the ultimate form of defying the society and culture. The WheeLY can be pushed during the day like a wheel and it can also hold a number of good up to 250 pounds.

In fact, the homeless would not even need to pay anything for this if advertisers want to advertise on the WheeLY and thus pay for the WheeLY as well. The WheeLY can also be used as a furniture or a couch depending on how much you ‘open’ it. It does not need any electricity or energy and thus is completely green and clean. I would say, this is sustainability at its best.

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