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Space living

Posted in studio 2a_2009, thoughts by Sarah Gelbard on 23 November 2009

Bill mentioned Space Odyssey, which is a movie writen by Arthur C. Clark and Stanley Kubrick, and that reminded me of a number of scenes. One of the things this movie investigated is – how will day to day life be in space? C. Clark, inventor of satellite communications, suggests that the spaceship rotates around its long axis to create centrifugal gravity. This is why the jogger is running on a looped floor.

The ideas of living in space and designing for living in space have been explored in other movies and many science fiction books. Space architecture sometimes rely on ship design and sometimes purely on speculations. The question is – what will happen when there comes a time that so many people will be living on a spaceship, that an architect (a designer thinking about more than functional design) is called?

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