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Singapore’s Green Roof

Posted in artists and architects by tnsquared on 13 January 2010

Many buildings today seem to have an imbalance  between design and function.

The School of Art, Design & Media at the Nanyang Technology University is anything but that.  This building merges contours of building’s roof to the site of the original hill, creating a beautiful and dynamic form to the building.

As a school of the arts, the great continuity and fluid shape of the building definitely gives the students a great sense of inspiration.

A very fascinating feature of this building is that the roof is accessible from the ground – you could literally walk up onto the roof! This definitely gives a whole new experience of spaces to the students and patrons.

So forget Carleton University! I’m transferring to Singapore for design school. I guess I have to brush up on my Mandarin, though…

Happy Designing!

– TN.


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  1. andreachiney said, on 15 January 2010 at 5:03 PM

    I really like this :)

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