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Use your sketchbook!

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by tnsquared on 21 January 2010

Got a bad case of art block blues?

Can’t figure out a solution to your design?

Are you just plain bored and aching to get your brain running?

Here’s a good idea: use your sketchbook!

Sketching is a great way to create a quick visual representation of what you are trying to communicate. It’s surprising that very few students actually sketch before they start their drawing. I have to admit, I do it sometimes when I feel rushed to start a project. But how can you start laying the brick before even knowing what the wall is going to look like?

Through drawing, we also learn how certain problems will arise if these hypothetical plans and sections come into reality. Will they really fit? Will this building stand? Through the design process, sketching will help you understand your concept more thoroughly.

Just remember that the design process is evolutionary – it changes throughout time. Sketching will help you figure out different solutions you may have never realized in your head.

Plus, it looks really cool! Doodle it up :)

“Nulla dies sine linea” – do not let a day go away without drawing.



Top images:

Bottom image* (visit this site! It’s awesome!):


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