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Posted in studio 1a_2010 by macdoninri on 6 February 2010

why are we the coolest students in Carleton? – because we live in this social bubble.

I dont know if this is inspirational or not, i hope it is.

1. Architecture makes you smart

2. Architecture makes you strong

3. Architecture makes you cool

1. Architecture makes you smart

– you learn a lot of new things. architecture things. no more highschool stuff, like biology. or chemistry. :)

– your imagination is pushed to the limit as you con stantly have to come up with new ideas.

– it will teach you different methods to impress profs on crits. different profs. Unlike other courses, there is a given method. We have an evolving standard.

– you probably learn more photography than a photography major

– we learn how to manage study-type subjects (art history) combined with work-type subjects (studio). Unlike other courses, they probably just study all day.

– other course people say: “im going to study for calculus, and then after 2 horus i’m gonna work on physics, and then after 3 hours, im going to bed!” / We say: “hmm. im going to draw for 2 hours, so i’ll have time to eat afterwards, and then plan my drawing while eating, then draw for another 5 hours, which gives me.. 3 hours of sleep. YES! it fits! , then im going to wake up. then draw”

2. Architecture makes you stronger

– we learn how to survive on pizzas, subs, instant noodles, canned food, energy drinks and coffee.

– other people call sleep a ‘daily routine’. we call it either a Reward. or something you Plan.

–  other people would call it deadly, but we can actually stay up the next day with just a few minutes worth of sleep. minutes!

– build up your muscle by carrying a camera, a tripod, a bag, some wallack’s shopping and groceries all at the same time while running after the bus in cold weather.

– did i mention you have to run a lot? in bank street?

3. Architecture makes you cool

– you hav one fo the most demanding schedules / workloads, and yet you still throw the best parties. ever!

– you can talk about architectural jargon on the bus really loud.

– you have the rights to extreme fashion

-our building’s so unique, that there are no 2 places that look the same. unlike the building next to us, every corridor looks the same as the last

– “what do you study?” “uhm. you know. social sciences, what about you?” “Architecture” (BAM!)

so be happy that you’re with the coolest bunch there is

be happy you’re in Architecture.

stop drinking. keep working. :)


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  1. tnsquared said, on 7 February 2010 at 2:46 AM

    hahahahaha i love the last bit, don. thank you!

  2. andrea C said, on 7 February 2010 at 7:49 AM

    That’s inspirational ALRIGHT !

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