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Thomas Heatherwick-designed Cafe

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by kforget on 12 February 2010

Just thought it was neat how any building can take on any shape!

The extraordinary structure is in fact Heatherwick Studio’s first complete building. At just 35, Terence Conran’sprotégé has redesigned a public square in Newcastle and the Longchamp flagship in New York but the East Beach Café is without doubt his most ambitious project yet. Shaped like a vast piece of driftwood, washed-up on the shore, the rusted metal shell undulates in sections, like rings of wood that have been smoothed by the sea. The scale and material of the structure combined with its unique shape and setting, makes for an extraordinary contrast of organic and industrial, natural and manmade.

The interior has been designed by Alan Clayton, responsible for another bastion of British seaside chic, Cornwall’s Fifteen Restaurant. Simply designed with curved wooden furniture and spacious seating for sixty, the priority has been to keep the focus on the seaside view. The menu adds a finishing touch to the concept, offering nostalgic British food, made with quality, local ingredients: fish and chips, kedgeree, potted shrimps, steamed cockles and crumpets. Beats a soggy hot dog any day.


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