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Loft Conversions

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by chaosincolour on 14 February 2010

One of the influences that directed me towards architecture and design was the conversion of the Merchandise Building in downtown Toronto. Built in 1910, it was previously used as a warehouse for Sears but in the late 20th century it was sold for loft development. This ambitious project was the earliest and by far the largest warehouse loft conversions in Toronto. It was completed in the late 1990’s and won many awards, including the approval of notoriously critical architecture writer for the Toronto Star, Christopher Hume, who gave the project an “A”. My cousin is fortunate enough to own a loft in this building and I have therefore been inside this building numerous times. It definitely is one of my favorite building in the downtown core.

Here’s a video of the lofts currently up for sale

Another example of a loft conversion is the Brooklyn Tower Clock Penthouse. Running for a cool $25 million, it is the most expensive apartment in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Once a factory, they have converted the top floor clock tower into a triplex penthouse apartment. The photos are amazing!


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