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Posted in studio 1a_2010 by kforget on 23 February 2010

Architorture” — this term has been the lament of countless aspiring architects for years… who knows, perhaps for generations. It is a simple slang word which embodies a range of emotions, experiences and tribulations faced in the course of an architectural education… and career.

And now “Architorture” is a documentary being created by architects David Krantz and Ian Harris (et. al.) that follows five students through the process of developing their thesis projects.

Content is currently evolving with occasional uploads. Current features are “The Confessionals” where different people explain what Architecture is about in their experience.

Architorture is a documentary that captures five diverse students in a single studio at one university throughout the entirety of their thesis project. The film will convey a mere sliver of time, wholly representative of the experience to create a student’s paramount work. The footage will illustrate the range of emotions and process of this extremely intense period at the conclusion of an academic career. It is our goal for the documentary to possess educational, entertaining, realistic and inspiring qualities in response to the dynamic world these students cross.

Psst! Check out to see some clips and various videos!


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