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Need Architecture Advice? ON SALE FOR ONLY 5 CENTS!

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by chaosincolour on 7 March 2010

Seems hard times ask for desperate measures. I found this article really interesting and funny, but also rather inspiring.

“Twenty-seven-year old Seattle resident [and architect] John Morefield…was laid off not once, but twice in a single year as projects dry up and small firms tighten budgets. So what’s a boy to do? Watch Peanuts cartoons and hang out at the local farmers’ market?
Why yes indeedy. Morefield’s concept for Architecture 5¢–edificially inspired by Charles Schulz’s psychiatrist booth for Lucy–is bringing architecture to the people, and people to the architecture. For a nickel, passerby can ask questions that range from simple (“What’s the best insulation to use next to concrete in a basement?”) to complex (“We have a 700-square foot Seattle bungalow and want to add a second story because we’re expecting our first child… Help!”).

The idea is to spur conversation about building matters and make contacts that might someday develop into working relationships. And the message is spreading, at least in its first incarnation, as he’s received 5-cent queries via email from across the globe–Brazil, Portugal, Shanghai–and coverage on a CNN news broadcast.

So what’s the point? Morefield says he wants to create a “ripple effect” on a local level, for one nickel leads to one project, which employs one contractor, who hires two carpenters, and so on. And though his ultimate goal is to expand Architecture 5¢ nationwide, with booths in neighborhoods across the country from the Bronx to Oakland, he admits the idea “can’t grow large enough that I don’t have time for the booth.”

For the full interview, click here


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