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Posted in studio 1a_2010 by chaosincolour on 15 March 2010

(Almost forgot! Sorry)

This past week I have decided to pick up a guitar and learn how to play an instrument. In my current five day journey to becoming a musical prodigy, I have noticed how music really is a constant source of inspiration within our program. Whether or not you know how to play an instrument, the form of music as an art form really does bring us together. During my daily jam sessions in the engineering bridge I have had other people approach my friends and I, people I’ve seen around studio but have not really spoken to, and ask various questions: What music do you like to play? What music do you usually listen to? Who’s your favourite artist? Suddenly there’s this open forum of communication that, although always there, never realised the significance to.

If you look closely, music is everywhere in the architecture building. The midnight piano serenades in the pit, the violin solos near the elevator, the subconscious humming through the halls, the rhythmic drumming of fingers upon drafting desks and of course the guitar jam sessions in the engineering bridge. It makes me wonder, and I’ll pose this question out to the rest of you.. how large of a role does music play in your work? What music inspires you? What music do you like to work to? Look through your playlist and think about how much the songs contained in them play a role in your architecture.



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