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You thought Cardboard was tedious…

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Is the TOOTHPICK city. Yes. Toothpick.



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epidermic hyperplasiasuckerPUNCH epidermic hyperplasia aThis is Architecture: Okay, I personally think is somehow unappealing but this reminds me of the beautiful versatility of Architecture. It is .everywhere.

john BECKER and sofia KRIMIZI: grown from a tissue culture extracted from the occupant, the architecture mimics the natural processes that generate the human envelope. epidermic hyperplasia is a semi-living structure consisting of human tissue cells and a pga scaffolding that provides the structure for the epidermis. the pga scaffolding is a biodegradable plastic that provides the necessary nutrients to grow the flesh; the scaffolding is consumed by the tissue as it grows eventually causing the demise of the entire system. (

Interesting Facade

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Facades are not usually flexible canvas, but this project called 555 cubic shows a different approach. The concept is ” How it would be if a house was dreaming”. Enjoy !



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Transform your material, here are some examples

Reading Week

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A while ago i saw our dear Thompson reading a book called “101 Things I Learned in Architecture School” by Matthew Frederick. I thought it was a pretty cool book so i decided to buy it online, its been a couple of weeks now but guess what ! IT’S HERE ! This petite cute book is AWESOME, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. Let me share some of it:


Never rue the limitations of a design problem- a too small site, an inconvenient

topography, an overlong space, an unfamiliar palate of materials, contradictory requests

from the client … within those limitations lies the solution to the problem !

– Mathew Frederick ( 101 things I learned in Architecture School )

Hybrid Drawing Ideas ?

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One short idea.

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When building your model and trying to create difficult structures think about they way nature is structured.

Think about how nature itself created the most stable structures and you will realize even nature is a very keen architect and the most successful one ;)

roof pattern ?

column ?


Sculpture to Inspire

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Bharti Kher, a contemporary artist from India creates amazing sculptures out of Fiber glass and other materials.



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Here is something new: Metabolic Materials

Opposing the Victorian way of making architecture, Rachel Armstrong approaches architecture in a different way. She is working on the creation of protocells that are chemicaly engineered to create structures. This protocells have no DNA but behave on a very lively manner, therefore they heal and grow. Imagine growing architecture instead of building architecture? Armstrong current proposal is to apply this protocells to create limestone reefs around the wood foundations of Venice. This kind of Architecture will not only be able to create but also preserve our world. I think we should aim for this kind of architecture since the earth’s habitable areas are after all, limited.


And Just for fun, watch this:

Confundle your mind a little

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beyond typical

This was taken from an Art exihibition. Just wanted to share it with you, isn’t it cool ?