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Dont Drink and Draw:

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When Construction Goes Wrong

How would you explain that all these “structures” passed the quality control and house inspections? Only by the possible fact that controllers and inspectors were drunk too. Or just near-sighted. I really want to believe the latter, but in some countries they are actually neither drunk or blind – but handsomely bribed. See for yourself:

It all starts with mad designs:



Ice Architecture

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This ice hotel is rebuilt anew every year with 30,000 tons of snow and 4,000 tons of ice.Ice blocks are cut from the Torneälven River in late autumn and the ice hotel gradually takes shape over the next few months. Other areas are made using snow canons to blast the snow over arched steel sections, the biggest being 5 metres in height and 6 metres across. Two days later, the sections are moved and are ready to use somewhere else. The ice pillars are then put in place to give extra strength to the self-supporting snow arches. The design is based on the architecture of the mediaeval cathedral. Temperatures in the icehotel vary between -4 to -9 degrees c even when outside temperatures drop below -30c.But by late april the suns rays begin to take their toll and by june the ice hotel has returned to its liquid state.

The Icehotel, is in northern Lapland, Sweden, beside the River Torne 17 kilometres from the town of Kiruna.. About 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. There is one in Canada too.