Studio Ideas and Inspiration

Matchstick Models

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by ionnalaksono on 26 March 2010

Hogwarts from Harry Potter



All of them made from matchsticks.


Sheet Metal Fold-outs

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by ionnalaksono on 12 March 2010

These fold out metal sculptures are called Mirkro and they are created by Sam Buxton. The fact that each of these sculptures is folded from a single metal sheet without having to break a single piece is just incredible.

Architecture Pop-Up

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by ionnalaksono on 4 March 2010

Has architecture school got you or a friend down?  Why don’t you try spreading some joy with architecture pop-up cards?

Linked Hybrid, Beijing

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by ionnalaksono on 25 February 2010

Linked Hybrid, which will house 2,500 people in 700 apartments covering 1.6 million square feet, is an example of large-scale sustainable residential architecture.

It is also environmentally friendly – The water-circulation system serves as a giant radiator in the winter and cooling system in the summer.  No need for heat radiators or air conditioners!

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by ionnalaksono on 19 February 2010

Here are some pictures of a cool urban sculpture called ‘Crystal Palace’ done by the artist Baptiste Debombourg.  It serves as a reminder of how materials and light can create a beautiful effect despite the broken down appearance of the structure.

Images taken from


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Here are some spaces designed with a very unique style:

The designer is Karim Rashid.  You can view his portfolio on his website:


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Take a look at the detail in these paintings that caught my eye.  I like the emotional atmosphere that the artist conveys to his viewers.  The work can be found here:

Free Spirit Spheres

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by ionnalaksono on 14 January 2010

If you’re bored of the run-of-the-mill predictable hotel room, there’s a place located in rural Vancouver Island that will lift you up.  These ‘Free Spirit Spheres’ as they are called are literally orbs supported by nothing but trees in the surrounding space.

Designed to accommodate approximately 4 people, these houses are built with the intention of allowing its guests to experience the serenity of the forest and awaken the creative mind.  It is perhaps the most luxurious outdoor experience of its kind, one that is barely invasive to the surrounding environment.

The spheres are supported by nothing but ropes, which means that they are in motion whenever the trees are.  Inhabitants will experience a gentle rocking whenever the wind blows.  Staying in a sphere might not be one’s idea of extravagance, but the experience seems to be truly gratifying and memorable.