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Dinner Friday!

Posted in events by jhebert1 on 13 April 2010

Hey everyone,

You are all invited to a dinner friday with our bay and Karen’s after our exam (around 5 or 6).

It will be at a restaurant in the market, I’ve been before and its very nice and cheap, great food.

Please let everyone know since I don’t have everyone’s number and R.S.V.P. because I have to make reservations.

Thanks, I know its last minute but I think we’ll have a lot of fun!



Back to Basics

Posted in thoughts by jhebert1 on 26 March 2010

With our project coming to an end and always trying to narrow ideas and design down, sometimes you need to go back to basics. Here are some of the last definitions you would find on

Architecture: the structure of anything: the architecture of a novel. (

Architect: the deviser, maker, or creator of anything: the architects of the Constitution of the United States. (

I think these words should also be added to our vocabulary:

architected: (adj.)as in, “you’ve just been architected!”

architecting: (v.) as in, “dude, can’t you see I’m architecting here?”

architecteur: (n.) someone who talks/knows a lot about architecture but is not an actual architect.

architectuous: (adj.) as in, “that’s a very architectuous drawing.”   

architecturation: (n.) the process of turning into archticture.

… please add any words you can think of!

Architecture in chess?

Posted in interesting projects, suggested reading by jhebert1 on 12 March 2010

This book illustrates the art of making chess pieces, with all the fuss about chess around studio, its nice to know there is a relationship between the game and architecture… check it out at

Wood Carving

Posted in artists and architects by jhebert1 on 5 March 2010

Here are some cool wood carving designs to look at while thinking of your wooden model:

Industrial Design

Posted in interesting projects by jhebert1 on 27 February 2010

Let’s not forget our neighbours the industrial designers while designing our works of architecture, industrial design products can be a very good source of inspiration in time of desperation (it happens to everyone), specially when it comes to interior design. Check out this site featuring works by many accomplished proffesionals in industrial design: They might help you out of a jam or just entertain you for a little while.

architecture jokes?

Posted in uncategorized by jhebert1 on 5 February 2010

Yes I know… They’re really lame, but give them a chance and look back on them in the near future because I think later in our education we might actually be able to get some of these.

Upside Down House

Posted in uncategorized by jhebert1 on 26 January 2010

here is a link to where contractors built a house upside down completely, including the interior!

Photoshop contests

Posted in thoughts by jhebert1 on 22 January 2010

Check out for photoshop contests from begginners to experts, great inspiration for ideas when using photoshop. It’s also a lot of fun to just surf through the competitions.

Lego Architecture?

Posted in interesting projects by jhebert1 on 15 January 2010

Everyone loves lego (if you don’t you can’t call yourself an architect), and now you can get architecture lego from a new series called architecture. Check it out at I have a small one at my desk, come check it out!