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Matchstick Models

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Hogwarts from Harry Potter



All of them made from matchsticks.


common sense.

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Something to think about when you are designing your stuff.

Back to Basics

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With our project coming to an end and always trying to narrow ideas and design down, sometimes you need to go back to basics. Here are some of the last definitions you would find on

Architecture: the structure of anything: the architecture of a novel. (

Architect: the deviser, maker, or creator of anything: the architects of the Constitution of the United States. (

I think these words should also be added to our vocabulary:

architected: (adj.)as in, “you’ve just been architected!”

architecting: (v.) as in, “dude, can’t you see I’m architecting here?”

architecteur: (n.) someone who talks/knows a lot about architecture but is not an actual architect.

architectuous: (adj.) as in, “that’s a very architectuous drawing.”   

architecturation: (n.) the process of turning into archticture.

… please add any words you can think of!

You thought Cardboard was tedious…

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Is the TOOTHPICK city. Yes. Toothpick.


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epidermic hyperplasiasuckerPUNCH epidermic hyperplasia aThis is Architecture: Okay, I personally think is somehow unappealing but this reminds me of the beautiful versatility of Architecture. It is .everywhere.

john BECKER and sofia KRIMIZI: grown from a tissue culture extracted from the occupant, the architecture mimics the natural processes that generate the human envelope. epidermic hyperplasia is a semi-living structure consisting of human tissue cells and a pga scaffolding that provides the structure for the epidermis. the pga scaffolding is a biodegradable plastic that provides the necessary nutrients to grow the flesh; the scaffolding is consumed by the tissue as it grows eventually causing the demise of the entire system. (

Incredible Architecture : Frank Gehry

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Architecture and Alzheimer’s

Posted in interesting projects, studio 1a_2010 by Sarah Gelbard on 24 March 2010

Look what just popped up on Canadian Architect’s news feed:

Stephen Fai of Carleton University’s School of Architecture using digital media to speed treatment for degenerative diseases

Imagine quickly pulling together the scientific results of top researchers from around the world who are trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a visual diagram of interdisciplinary results – a snapshot of the latest research that can be easily shared among physicians, biochemists and neuroscientists.

Carleton Architecture Professor Stephen Fai is doing just that.

“It’s a universal language that everyone can understand,” says Fai. “This is the first time an interdisciplinary team has called upon the skills of architects to act as their go-between.”

Welcome BoingBoing visitors!

Posted in studio 1a_2010 by Sarah Gelbard on 24 March 2010

My friend Mekki submitted a story to BoingBoing referencing last semester’s studio project!

Ottawa joins the war on photography

Mekki sez, “The city of Ottawa has launched a security campaign funded by Transport Canada (federally) that asks people to report any ‘suspicious behaviour’, which includes photographers and sketchers. They explicitly list ‘An individual taking photos or pictures […], drawing maps or sketches’ as things to report. My friend Sarah Gelbard teaches in the Architecture department at Carleton University in Ottawa. She had her students do a project on transit in the city last year.

Thanks for visiting!  Take a look around.  I’m sure the students would love some comments.

Thanks for the link, Mekki!

Motion Art

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Mixed Mediums

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One day, while aimlessly stumbling through deviant art, I came upon kubicki’s account and quickly became amazed and inspired by his work. He uses multiple materials and mediums – including photography, ink, acrylic and photoshop – in his work, creating a seamless hybrid that oozes with atmosphere and emotion. Below illustrates the steps used in his process for the piece above. Enjoy!